Central and Eastern Europe Tracker 28.09.12

Czech Republic:

Prague Daily Monitor: Far-right DSSS may enter regional assembly next month. The Czech far-right Workers’ Party of Social Justice could enter the Usti regional assembly  in the upcoming elections, according to a recent opinion poll. ‘Three weeks before the elections, the DSSS was supported by 4 percent of voters in the region, according to the poll the STEM/MARK and SC&C agencies conducted for Czech Television (CT). […] This would be for the first time for the extra-parliamentary DSSS to enter a regional assembly.’


Digital Journal: Greek ministers debate outlawing Golden Dawn. Greek government ministers are considering banning the far-right party Golden Dawn, after accusations that it is neo-Nazi and linked to a series of racist attacks. ‘To Vima reports that several government ministers have been discussing outlawing the party with Antonis Samaras. However, the prime minister is not in favour of a ban. Talk of outlawing the party is not new.’

Digital Journal: Former Greek PM Karamanlis – Golden Dawn would get 20% in election. ‘Speaking of the current political landscape in Greece, former Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis has predicted “If we had elections tomorrow the Golden Dawn would get 20%”.’


Politics.hu: Jobbik and a Roma advocacy group reach out in bid to narrow differences in Devecser public forum. ‘The radical nationalist Jobbik party and the Roma advocacy group Macifesz have asked the mayor of Devecser to allow them to clarify the circumstances of the conflict which developed in that south-west Hungarian town in a public forum’, according to Jobbik’s Veszprem county chief Gabor Ferenczi.


JTA: Polish mall quits use of Kristallnacht in ad following residents complain. ‘A Lodz mall stopped using the term “Crystal Night” as an advertising slogan following a media campaign by residents. “Rob the collection. Crystal Night of shopping” the new slogan of the Manufaktura Mall in Lodz, appeared this week on billboards throughout the city. The mall decided to change the billboards after residents took their complaints to the media with letters to the editor.’


Gay Star News: Serbian authorities ban Belgrade Pride again. A gay pride parade in the Serbian capital of Belgrade has been banned by authorities citing security concerns, after anti-gay groups threaten to riot. ‘Last year’s Belgrade Pride parade was banned by the country’s Interior Minister just three days before the event was due to take place after far right groups threatened to riot through the city if it went ahead.’


Romea: Fascist Marián Kotleba plans to “clean up” Romani settlement. ‘Promoters of the ultra-right People’s Party Our Slovakia (Lidová strana Naše Slovensko – LSNS) are planning an event on 29 September to “clean up” the Romani settlement in Krásná Hôrka. The party is inviting people to attend the event through social networks and its website, which claims more than 300 people might participate.’


Comment – Financial Times Magazine: How we can beat the far right. “There is a story about Europe that says we are living in a rerun of the 1930s. According to this narrative, the populist right is rising again as crisis-hit Europeans look for scapegoats. Indeed, rightwing populist parties have polled more than or near one-fifth of the vote during the crisis in countries as tranquil as Finland and Switzerland. Already the populists are poisoning political debate, by pushing mainstream parties to take far-right paranoid, xenophobic views seriously. Now they aim to graduate to government.”

Polls via Electionista:

  • Austria (ATV/Hajek poll): SPÖ 27%, ÖVP 22%, FPÖ 19%, Greens 13%, Team Stronach 11%, BZÖ 4%
  • Hungary (Tárki poll): Fidesz 34%, MSZP 24%, Jobbik 21%, LMP 10%, DK 7%
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