News from Western Europe, Tuesday 14th May 2013


Translated from Dutch – De Standaard: Sharia4UK threatens Belgium. ‘Abu Abdullah Al-Britani and Anjem Choudary, leaders of the extremist movement Sharia4UK, speaking in menacing language in new video messages addressing Belgium. Following the arrest of Fouad Belkacem. The Belgian justice takes the matter seriously, writing Antwerp Gazette and The Age Tuesday.

“If Muslims are persecuted, then there will be revolution, and only Allah knows what the consequences will be for Belgium,” Choudary said in a video on YouTube.

“Muslims who imposes silence, gets into trouble. There is a whole generation that will do more than talk, because their voices are not heard. Challenge the Muslims not matter!”Abu Abdullah Al-Britani ends his statement with a threat to Belgium:” We will destroy you. “‘


Translated from French – Le Figaro: Jihadist Gilles Le Guen in France‘The French jihadist Gilles Le Guen , who was arrested in Mali in late April, arrived in France this morning at Orly airport, where he was immediately taken over by the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI).

Gilles Le Guen, who calls himself Abdel Jelil, arrived shortly after 8 am at the airport in Paris, on a scheduled flight from Bamako, the source said. Agents of the DCRI then supported to notify his placement in custody.

“He will be questioned. We need to know what is his background,” said the Interior Minister Manuel Valls on Europe 1.’

Interview – Mayor of Saint-Laurent-du-Var is alarmed by the Roma camps

Translated from German – Die Presse: Exterrorist Carlos makes court to show stage.He is the former public enemy number one in the western world: Ilich Ramirez Sanchez aka Carlos has been in Paris since Monday for four bloody bombings of 1982 and 1983 before the appellate court a special court for terrorism. The 63-year-old was convicted in 2011 along with two accomplices for these attacks, which have cost the lives of eleven people, already sentenced to life imprisonment and 18 years of preventive detention, but had filed an appeal.’


Translated from German – Der Spiegel: Zschäpes lawyers plan further applications. ‘Zschäpes defenders have announced further proposals for the second day of talks. The bias applications Zschäpes and feasting against three judges of the Senate had been rejected in the Court of Appeals.’

Translated from Dutch – De Standaard: Merkel defends herself over communist past. ‘A few months before the German parliamentary elections, a new biography “The first life of Angela M” the speculation about the communist past of Merkel raked. Journalists Günther Lachmann of Die Welt and Bild Ralf Georg Reuth of claim in the book that Merkel has been involved in the Communist Communist youth organization Freie Deutsche Jugend. In the DDR era secretary for agitation and propaganda

Merkel did not cooperate in the new biography and denied earlier that she had leadership roles in the FDJ. She stressed Sunday that she was on her GDR past. Always open She pointed out that she had already indicated that she had been the youth organization member, but especially from the motivation to do. Community work’


Reuters: Prosecutors seek 6-year jail term for Berlusconi in sex trial. ‘Italian prosecutors called on Monday for a six-year jail sentence and a lifetime ban on holding public office for centre-right leader and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is charged with abuse of office and paying for sex with a minor.’

Translated from German – Die Presse: Italy horrified by Balotelli-abuse. ‘The Italian football is not a cure for racism in its stadiums and complained the next escalation. After the abusive chants against the dark-skinned Milan striker Mario Balotelli and the game was interrupted on Sunday in Milan, athletes and politicians were shocked again.”Now take the racist incidents at an alarming frequency,” said the “Gazzetta dello Sport”.

AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, whose team was the target of hostility repeatedly criticized: “In Italy there are unfortunately still this backward thinking.” 0-0 between Milan and AS Roma referee Gianluca Rocchi stopped the game because of racist chants for about one and a half minutes. Rome’s captain Francesco Totti tried to bring to reason, to prevent interupted their own followers. “The worst thing in sports. A draw, that hurts,” said the newspaper “La Repubblica”.’

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