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Major Bryan Groves is an Army Special Forces officer and has served in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Bryan has a Master’s degree from Yale and is now an Army Strategist. He has served as an Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences Department at West Point. There he taught international relations, terrorism and counterterrorism, and was the Deputy Director of West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center. In 2012 he completed a year-long Interagency Fellowship at the State Department working the Iraq transition in the Executive Office of the Near Eastern Affairs Bureau. He will begin pursuit of a PhD in national security policy and planning in August 2013.

America’s Trajectory in the Long War: Redirecting Efforts toward Strategic Effects versus Simply Tactical Gains

Introduction Eleven years following the attacks on 9/11 the United States has a significant disconnect between its strategic and tactical efforts against violent global jihadists. Some American leaders and commanders are confusing effectiveness and success, improperly associating tactical disruption of enemy elements with strategic effect. While the country has won some important tactical victories, it […]

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