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Tavishi Bhasin is an assistant professor of International Affairs in the Department of Political Science and International Affairs at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, GA. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Emory University in 2008. She teaches courses in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Comparative Politics, Development Policy and Practice and South Asian Politics. Her research interests include political dissent – violent and nonviolent, human rights and state violations of the same, social movements and democratic institutions. She has articles published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Terrorism and Political Violence and one forthcoming in the British Journal of Political Science. She is currently revising a book manuscript on political dissent and state repression in democracies.

Hamas as a Political Party

In this article, we seek to answer the following questions — why do violent movements participate in elections and what factors explain the timing of these decisions to participate? To answer this question, we examine the case of Hamas’s formation of the Reform and Change Party and its iconic victory in the 2006 elections to […]

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