Extremis Project (beta) launch covered in Huffington Post UK

The (beta) launch of Extremis Project has attracted the interest of Huffington Post UK. Dr Matthew Goodwin and Anthony Painter are both quoted. Goodwin says:

Put simply, we know a lot about al-Qaeda inspired terrorism but very little about the dynamics of violence on the extreme right-wing. This is one reason why we launched the Extremis Project: a platform to help close the gap between those who undertake research, and those who are on the front-line of policy, security and politics.

Painter says:

The need was for a platform to bring all the research, analysis and expertise together – hence Extremis Project.

It is about understanding the similarities and difference between different strands of extremism. Is what happened in Wisconsin similar to Anders Breivik in Norway or should they be seen as completely separate cases?

How can we understand the place of the Front National in France compared with Geert Wilders’ PVV in Netherlands. What does that mean for other countries? What influences the transition of a politics of hate into one of violence?

These questions aren’t going away and they require detailed understanding if we are to understand how extremism operates.

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