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Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism: Europe’s experience in countering radicalisation: approaches and challenges. ‘Since the mid-2000s, several European countries have developed comprehensive counter-radicalisation programs as part of their counter-terrorism strategies, seeking to de-radicalise or disengage committed militants and, with even greater intensity, prevent the radicalisation of new ones. This article describes the genesis, main characteristics, aims, underlying philosophies, and challenges experienced by counter-radicalisation strategies in various European countries. Each country’s experience has been deeply shaped by political, cultural, and legal elements unique to each society. Moreover, the programs have been in place for just a few years, and it is therefore difficult to fully assess their impact. Nevertheless, the experience to date points to certain key characteristics and challenges common to all European counter-radicalisation programs which the article seeks to outline and analyse.’

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Czech Republic:

JTA: Czech lawyer punished for motion citing Jewishness of witness. ‘The Czech Bar Association reportedly has banned a lawyer temporarily who cited the Jewishness of a witness in a motion to disqualify his testimony. Petr Koci said his motion, which was rejected, was the wish of his client, a far-right activist, according to a report on the case in the Prague Post.’

Prague Post: Far-right set to succeed in regional elections in Ústí. ‘The DSSS is expected to succeed in the Ústí region in the Oct. 12-13 regional elections, according to a STEM/MARK a SC&C survey conducted for Czech Television. The poll projects DSSS will receive 3 percent to 4 percent of votes.’


Times Ledger: Officials want neo-Nazi set out of Astoria. ‘City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio denounced the Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi party native to Greece, for its plans to move into New York and distributing hate literature in Astoria. De Blasio was joined in his protest Friday at Athens Square Park, at 30th Street and 30th Avenue, by local elected officials, including Greek-Americans state Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas (D-Astoria) and District Leader Costa Constantinides, as well as Jewish leaders.’

International Business Times: Athens: Police ‘physically abused anti-Fascist activists in collusion with Golden Dawn’. ‘Fresh accusations of collusion between Greek police and neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn have emerged after a group of anti-fascist demonstrators claimed to have been tortured and abused in police custody. “They were spat on, kept awake all night and physically abused,” Charis Ladis, the lawyer of one of the demonstrators, told IB Times UK. “Policemen also took photos of them and said they would have given them, together with their addresses, to Golden Dawn for reprisals.”

The Guardian: Greek police accused of using protester as human shield. ‘Greek authorities have launched an investigation into allegations that riot police used a female protester as a human shield during angry demonstrations over a visit to Athens by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, this week.’


Gulf News: Hungary ruling coalition in poll defeat. ‘Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling coalition has suffered its second surprise by-election defeat in seven days amid a nation-wide drop in his party’s poll ratings, results showed on Monday. Fidesz, in power nationally in European Union member state Hungary following a landslide election victory in 2010, saw support for its candidate almost halve to 33 per cent, while the far-right party Jobbik scored 13 per cent.’


RT: Russian Interior Minister sees ideological extremism as primary security threat. ‘The chief of the Russian police has named extremist activities aimed at changing the state and the seizure of power by force, as the main threats to the country. Inciting ethnic and religious strife and hatred is equally dangerous, Vladimir Kolokoltsev said. The Russian minister made the statement at the meeting with Emomali Rakhmon, the President of Tajikistan. He added that Tajikistan was facing similar challenges as they discussed the two nations’ actions in countering extremism and illegal drug trafficking.’

RT: Terrorists lit European forest fires, eyes on WMDs – FSB chief. ‘Russia’s security chief has warned that international terrorism is changing and spreading its tactics, from setting fire to European forests to obtaining WMDs in Mid-East countries that suffer from internal crisis.’


BBC News: Ukraine takes aim against ‘gay propaganda’. ‘The Ukrainian parliament could give final approval next week to a bill that aims to outlaw “pro-homosexual propaganda” – any “positive depiction” of gay people, gay pride marches, or even the screening of a film like Brokeback Mountain.’


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