United Kingdom Tracker 17.10.12

The Guardian: BNP divisions exposed as Andrew Brons resigns: Divisions that may spell the end of the far right British National Party exploded into the open with the departure from the party of one of its two MEPs. Andrew Brons announced his departure with an angry statement claiming that up to 90% of the party’s membership, activists and former officials have already left the BNP. He blamed the party chairman, Nick Griffin, for “having destroyed the party of which he is still nominally head”.

See the Extremis Project’s take on these events here.

Belfast Telegraph: MLA Anna Lo left ‘sickened’ by National Front leaflets:  Ms Lo said: “I am sickened that National Front leaflets were being distributed in Northern Ireland. Nobody wants the hatred of the National Front here. We have done so much work on moving Northern Ireland forward and away from hate crimes. I know many people would be worried by such a development and like myself, would not want the National Front to start operating here. There is no support for the extremist views of the National Front here and I would tell them that they are not wanted here or anywhere.”

The Guardian: UK accused of helping to supply arms for Northern Ireland loyalist killings: “Allegations that the government helped to arm loyalist gangs with a large arsenal of weapons at the height of Northern Ireland‘s Troubles are to surface in court proceedings arising from one of the most notorious massacres of the 30-year conflict.”

The Star: MP apologises for foul language during EDL counter demo in Rotherham: South Yorkshire MP Denis MacShane has apologised for swearing on a megaphone during a counter-demonstration against the English Defence League march. The Labour politician, who represents Rotherham, used foul language at the Unite Against Fascism rally on Saturday.

This is Local London: Kent PCC candidate ‘horrified’ at being labelled Nazi online: Pictures of Mr Jeffery surrounded by swastikas were posted on a site believed to be the “personal site” of fellow Kent PCC candidate Steven Uncles. Mr Uncles, of the English Democrats Party, initially denied knowing anything about the site. He later admitted being a “contributor” after his party chairman, Robin Tilbrook, said it was Uncles’ personal site.

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