News from the United Kingdom, Friday 31st May 2013

The GuardianFar-right groups plan day of demonstrations across England.  ‘Far-right groups are planning their biggest mobilisation for 30 years this weekend with more than 50 demonstrations planned in towns and cities across England. Anti-racism campaigners have branded Saturday a “day of hate” after identifying 55 English Defence League (EDL) events as well a BNP march in London.’

The IndependentBNP leader Nick Griffin urges supporters to ignore police ban on planned march at scene of Drummer Lee Rigby’s brutal murder. ‘The leader of the far Right British National Party Nick Griffin has urged his followers to ignore a police ban on the organisation’s planned march near the scene of the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich. The call comes despite police warnings that any BNP members who try to demonstrate in south east London on Saturday risk arrest.’

Comment: The EconomistThe government is rethinking its anti-terror policy—not too cleverly. ‘Every terrible action must have a reaction. Since the brutal murder on May 22nd of Lee Rigby, a British soldier, reportedly by fanatical Muslims, the question of how to prevent terrorism has been reopened.’

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