News from Western Europe, Friday 17th May 2013


Translated from German – Die Standard: First European Conference for gay rights. ‘According to a study commissioned by the Dutch government condemns a majority of citizens homosexuality

Homosexuals are still discriminated against in Europe. The resulting studies, which on Thursday in The Hague at the first European conference on the rights and the social acceptance of homosexuals were presented. Europe must occur with an action program for equal rights and against violence, called for ministers and homosexual associations.’

Translated from Dutch – Volkskrant: EU should assist Member States with gay rights. ‘The European Union (EU) Member States should help to improve the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. More This is a call of 11 European ministers, including Jet Bussemaker (Emancipation).’


Hope Not Hate: Extremist rightist mob trails coats through central Paris. ‘The Front National commemorates Joan of Arc every year on 1 May. However, the more radical Extreme-Right stages a separate event in Paris around 12 May.

Its march this year, on 12 May, gathered a crowd of about 700, less than in 2011. As is usual within the world of fringe movements, internal fights far exceed the usual calls for unity, so the groups present took great care to arrive separately at the Joan of Arc memorial on Paris’s posh Place des Pyramides.’

Translated from French – Le Figaro: An employee of the Red Cross believed to have helped the jihadist Gilles Le Guen. ‘An employee of the International Committee of the Red Cross was taken into custody to view Bamako. He is suspected of aiding Gille le Guen , the French jihadist deported to Paris earlier this week to collect money sent from France.

It is the police who came for Mohamed Ould Ali at his home Wednesday afternoon, to carry to Camp 1 in Bamako, where he has since retained. This citizen of the city of Timbuktu is believed to have helped Gilles Le Guen, the French jihadist deported to Paris earlier this week to collect money.’

Translated from French – Le Monde: The National Assembly deletes the word “race” of the legislation. ‘The National Assembly adopted Thursday, May 16, a bill of Left Front deleting the word “race” of the French legislation. PS The majority agreed to this proposal, saying it was of “a first step” . Hollande had indeed committed during the presidential campaign to remove the term of the Constitution.

The text discussed in the framework of a parliamentary ‘niche’ reserved for proposals of the Left Front, therefore proposes to delete the word “race” of the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Law of 29 July 1881 freedom of the press. The rapporteur’s proposal, Alfred Marie-Jeanne has argued that the word “race”, “this absurd concept that formed the basis of the worst ideologies, has no place in our legal order” .

Not to risk to make fall the criminalization of racism, the Socialist deputies did adopt an amendment explicitly stating in Article I that “the Republic to combat racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia. It recognizes the existence of any alleged race ” . For the PS deputy Jean-Jacques Urvoas , President of the Law Commission, the deletion of the word in the legislation “is only the first step” .’

Video – JN1: Two arrested in connection to Toulouse shootings. ‘Two men have been arrested near the French city of Toulouse, where gunman Mohammed Merah shot dead seven people including three Jewish school children and a rabbi in March 2012.

The two suspects are believed by authorities to have participated in planning the shootings. Officials initially believed Merah acted alone in the attacks, but families of the victims have said they suspect others were involved.

Earlier this year, Djema Legouad, whose soldier son was killed by Merah, said she was disappointed that no one else had been brought to justice and suggested that the official investigation had been mishandled.’


The Guardian: Germany fears return of European jihadists in Syria. ‘Up to 700 Europeans are fighting the Assad regime in Syria mainly as militant Islamists, the German government hassaid, warning that the militants could return as “homegrown terrorists” and calling for a controversial new policy that would temporarily bar them from re-entering Europe.

In the first disclosures of western intelligence from an EU government about Europeans fighting in Syria, senior officials in Berlin said they knew of up to 40 people who had left Germany for the battlefields since last summer. Most of them had German passports.

While German security services monitor the situation closely – the German interior ministry has banned three Salafist organisations in the past year – the fighters could not be stopped from leaving Germany because it could not be proved that they were going to Syria, the officials said. Their passports could be confiscated, but frequently it was possible to travel to the Syrian border simply using an ID card.

“You can’t mark their ID cards Jihadist or Salafist,” a senior official said.’

Translated from German – Die Presse: Interrupted NSU Process: Two defendants want to talk. ‘In the trial of the terrorist attacks of the “National Socialist underground” ( NSU ), two of the accused to testify. The trial court in Munich on Thursday but was interrupted and is only on 4 June to continue.

When the defendants consent meaningful is Carsten S. and Holger G. former, aid is accused of murder, Holger G. is accused of being supporters of the group. Both are in witness protection programs.

The lawyers of the main defendants Beate Zschäpe stated at the hearing, however, once again, that her client would make any statement. Zschäpe is placed complicity among other things, ten murders in the years 2000 to 2007 load. Even the accused André E. does not want to speak in court. The lawyer of good living Ralf announced a statement of defense.’

Translated from German – Der Spiegel: NSU Process: Cologne nail bomb attack remains part of the process. ‘The decision will provide relief to plaintiffs for: the Munich Higher Regional Court decided that the attack on the Cologne Keupstraße is not separated from the NSU method. The process is continued on 4 June.’

Translated from German – Zeit Online: NSU trial in Munich. ‘‘While before the appellate court is running the NSU process, presumably right-wing anti-Nazi perpetrators have attacked, including a law firm. This represents a member of a murder victim NSU as co-plaintiff in court. The office was a target Fäkalattacke: On Monday morning, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the area in front of the office door was extensively smeared with feces and urine.That this happened by chance is unlikely. The office is on the second floor of a commercial building. A housing project in the West – in that neighborhood where the NSU committed a murder – as well as the office of the Bavarian Refugee Council were attacked seven times. It was mainly for property damage.

The state security police suspects behind the attacks on Refugees and residential project right-wing extremists, no perpetrator identified by its own account, however. According to the police spokesman Wolfgang Wenger sees no trend: “We do not perceive that the right scene is more active role.” It values ​​the deeds so far as individual cases. In daily press report, the police had not reported any of the incidents.’

Interview - I am unemployable. ‘Molau Andreas was one of the most important NPD strategists. In 2012 he left the scene. Democratic society but do not take him, he criticizes in conversation.’


Translated from Dutch – Volkskrant: Speaking of ‘white Dutch’ is a form of racial thinking. ‘In the Green Amsterdam is goodbye of multiculturalism, at least the term multicultural is replaced by the term super diversity. The ‘white’ Dutch will, if we are to believe the Green in 2025, one of the many ethnic minorities have become.I do not believe it. And I believe that not all the meaning of culture is overestimated, as Malcolm Prince claims.

Culture is the way people think that they have to deal with each other. Culture refers to behavior, but behavior also indicates that a particular meaning is related to others. The concept of culture refers to a group feeling. Culture exists by virtue of other cultures, as a group just because there is a group of people do not belong. Previously, breed characteristics important identifiers of a group, but that has become less important. Today, national characteristics of greater significance.

Many people therefore believe in culture to national culture: a common language and a common residence. Out to coincide.’s Culture or nationalism in the pursuit language and territory Multiculturalism as a term was coined in Canada, a country that lacked a common language.’


Translated from Spanish – El Pais: The ETA surfer who asked that attempted to elude the trial Zarzuela. ‘The Office of the High Court has called for an on the run to the surfer who allegedly asked on Facebook that the terrorist group ETA blew hundred kilos of explosives in the palace of La Zarzuela and repeatedly insulted the members of the family Real. The defendant, David Joseph Duaigües Martí, not presented to the trial scheduled for Thursday in the Second Section of the High Court. The hearing had to be suspended by the absence of the accused, whose lawyer asked for another date set for trial.

In its provisional indictment, the prosecutor Fernando Burgos asks that the defendant, David Joseph Duaigües Martí, is sentenced to a year in jail for a crime of praising terrorism, to understand that their posts constituted “a paean to the terrorist organization ETA and the use of terrorist violence. “‘

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