News from Western Europe, Monday 20th May 2013


Video – RT: Too Far-Right: Neo-Nazism nourished by crisis in Europe. ‘Europe’s financial troubles are said to be fueling far-right movements across the bloc, including within its largest economy. Neo-Nazi activists are preparing to march in Germany later today, amid accusations the country’s authorities have underestimated the extremist threat.’

Video – BBC News: EU survey sparks concern over homophobic abuse. ‘More than a quarter of gay people surveyed in a major EU poll say they have been subjected to attacks or violent threats in the past five years.

The EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency surveyed 93,000 people in the EU and Croatia for what it calls the most comprehensive survey of its kind.’


Translated from German – Die Presse: FPO: “Will return criminal foreigners”. ‘The Freedom Party seems to reflect back on classical themes for them. The Morning Journal-OE1 ORF reported that in the new debt will agains a number of social problems “Handbook for liberal politics” immigrants. The report referred to the guide for foreigners Parteikfunktionäre not only accuses of causing crime and unemployment, but also to have rising real estate prices and to spread diseases. As a solution, would a “minus immigration”, as the repatriation of foreigners in their country of origin outlined.’


Translated from Dutch – De Standaard: In Flanders leftists find nationalism dirty.“I, committed censorship? That makes no sense. ” Jan Peumans (N-VA), chairman of the Flemish Parliament, is very upset about the altercation with the French speech bubble. “Paint me again like a pathetic nationalist.” Some quotes from a longer interview with The Standard.’

Translated from Dutch – Volkskrant: Flemish Muslim devises attack from Syria. ‘The Belgian justice has denied Saturday that a Flemish Muslim who currently is in Syria, has plans to commit a terrorist attack. In Belgium’


Translated from Finnish - Basic Finnish women: the party is not racist or sexist. ‘The True Finns women-president of the association, Marja-Leena Leppänen knocks out a review.

- Soini is not a chauvinist, says Leppänen.

Leppänen believes that the basic Finnish stamp to no avail. In his view, the question whether the party sexist, is similar to the question of whether the party of racists. Leppänen that both do not.

The True Finns members, only 23 per cent are women. Leppänen campaign to obtain more female members of the party.

- Yes, this has been an oasis for men. In Parliament, snowmen is a great deal. When we are out there campaigning on behalf of women, for example women’s organization Shirts by dividing, so it has been squabbling that will this counter party. Is it a nice place for some, Leppänen says.

Leppästä annoying that the basic Finnish women are not visible. She would like to see for example, women MPs interviews in women’s magazines.’


France 24: Police guard Strasbourg schools after death threat. ‘About 750 French police officers were stationed at 59 schools across the French city of Strasbourg on Friday after an anonymous person posted an online message threatening to commit suicide and kill several students at a school.

The suspect, who is thought to be a teenager, posted the threat on the gaming forum earlier this week.’

Press TV: French police arrest suspects in mass killing threat. ‘Police in France have arrested two brothers suspected of being behind an online threat to carry out a mass killing at a high school, officials say.’

Translated from French – Le Figaro: Threats of killing in a school: a young placed in custody‘New arrest in connection with the investigation into the threats of killing in a school. After the arrest on Saturday of two youths who were eventually released , a young man was taken into custody Sunday. Aged 17 years, according to investigators present a “strong resemblance” to the photo of the user suspected of uttering threats from an Internet cafe in Strasbourg.

The juvenile was arrested in the department of Haute Saone, also in the east, following a call that the phone number dedicated to the urgent investigation. The teenager was Sunday evening during transfer to the Alsatian capital, where it will be heard by investigators. His computer equipment was seized for the purposes of the investigation.’

Terrorism: Bruguiere for mandatory sentencing. ‘By the admission of the Socialist Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, the Arif Saeed case demonstrates the inadequacy of anti-terrorism legislation. Meanwhile the “Proposals” that calls for, probably through legislation, the former anti-terrorism judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere will review the planned runways without success so far. And the left has fought.

Jean-Louis Bruguiere says: “In terrorist cases, should be introduced as a criminal the possibility of resorting to mandatory sentencing, as exists in criminal matters. A sentence of ten years, for example, with seven or eight years incompressible, that is to say, effective. “According to him,” the United States, when an Islamist takes for ten years, he made his ten years ” . It is not to model, he says, the French system to the American system. But, he said, the errors in the criminal execution in France are not unique to the ordinary courts.’

Forty Islamists released from prison each year in France. ‘How dangerous Islamists escape the vigilance of the French anti-terrorist services? The Interior Minister has just said that he “had to review the provisions” concerning foreign jihadists out of French prisons and evade monitoring imposed by the authorities. Manuel Valls has even called for “proposals” are doing it to fill the loopholes, after the death last weekend of Said Arif, the Algerian jihadist who, under house arrest since October 2012 in Brioude in Haute-Loire, fled in a stolen car .

Arif is not an isolated case. Figaro is able to reveal that the forty Muslim activists released from prison each year in France, “a half dozen” as an anti-terrorist judge, “evade regularly bonds pointing in police and gendarmerie. ” “There are those who, indicted, detained and released a time, awaiting trial, and those who, like Arif, have served their sentences, but evade the control implied by their alien status within the scope an obligation to leave the territory, “said the magistrate.’

Translated from French – Le Monde: Marine Le Pen: “Every day that passes brings us closer to power”. ‘The president of the National Front , Marine Le Pen , said Sunday May 19 that “each passing day” the “closer to power” at issue “C policy “on France 5. “All our analyzes policies are trying to prove their correctness every day and many French are realizing that we can get out of the policy of the UMP and PS, there are other options and all advancing and progressing in conscience ” , said the FN leader.

“The election of the Oise [legislative part where FN narrowly failed against the UMP] has shown that it is the end of the glass ceiling and the nickname Republican front which was to that protect places of the UMP and the PS. I think there is a big gap between the voters of these parties, which is why I believe that every day that passes brings us closer to power ” , she started.

For Marine Le Pen, “the French are now convinced that the solutions that have been conducted for 40 years is bad. they are unhappy” . “Then, she said, we have the education to do on a number of topics, including the Europe , the euro. they must now explain what they can offer to replace the bad structure ” , she explained.’

Mosque Limoges again desecrated. ‘The main doors of the Mosque of Limoges have been degraded in the night from Saturday 18 to Sunday 19 May at the aid of a red liquid resembling blood being analyzed, it was learned from the Font . It is the custodian of the land who discovered the damage, around 4: 40 am.

“He called me immediately and told me that the two main doors and a side door were covered with blood. He told me there was blood everywhere,” said the newspaper Le Populaire du Centre president of the Association of Muslim brotherhood Limoges, Fethi Belabdelli.

The information has been confirmed to AFP correspondent by the central police station, that “on-site staff found that the doors of the building were stained with a red liquid that is clearly apparent in the blood. the samples were taken and analyzes are underway that will confirm this hypothesis, but also the nature of blood animal or human. “‘

Translated from French – Libération: Racism: three young right-wing suspicion of assault brought to Lyon. ‘Three young people from the extreme right movement, suspected of brutally attacked for racist reasons two couples on the night of Friday to Saturday in Lyon, were to appear before a judge Sunday freedoms, it was learned judicial source.

The prosecution requested the detention of the three youths, aged 19, 20 and 24, members of the far-right group GUD (union group defense), pending judgment in immediate appearance, likely Tuesday .

They should be prosecuted for aggravated by meeting and racist violence, the source said.’

Marine Le Pen (FN) “abolish” gay marriage if elected. ‘The president of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, said Sunday it would abolish the law allowing gay marriage if elected president of the Republic, but it does not call for revenge “civil disobedience” Mayors for it is “law-abiding.”

“Yes, I will wipe. I made the commitment, “said the National Front leader, questioned the show policy C France 5 on it would make the law on gay marriage if it was in power.

“I am a lawyer and very respectful of the rule of law. So a law is not retroactive and people who were married remain married because it would be illegal to unmarry + +. However, others will not have the opportunity to do, “she said.’

The New York Times: Hollande Signs French Gay Marriage Law. ‘The rush toward France’s first same-sex marriage officially began Saturday morning, after President François Hollande signed the country’s “marriage for all” act into law.

The mayor of the southern city of Montpellier, sometimes called “the French San Francisco,” intends to officiate at the first gay wedding, which is likely to be no sooner than May 29, because by French law an application for a marriage must be filed at City Hall 10 days before the ceremony itself.’


Deutsche Welle: NSU investigation a ‘total failure’: review panel. ‘Authorities have for years underestimated right-wing terrorism. That is the upshot of a parliamentary committee investigation into Germany’s NSU neo-Nazi terror cell. The terror group is believed to be responsible for 10 murders and several bomb attacks and bank robberies.

The members of the committee even went one step futher, calling it a “total failure” of state authorities. The harsh verdict, however, is anything but a surprise. There was a lot of evidence indicating that the police and intelligence services had made numerous mistakes in their investigations and only by chance found out about the NSU in 2011.

Although the trial of Beate Zschäpe, the only surviving member of the NSU trio, plus some of her supporters, has just begun in Munich, the parliamentary committee had been working on its investigation since 2012, wrapping up the collecting of evidence on Thursday (16.5.2013). At their 72nd session they questioned members of the domestic intelligence services, which had been heavily criticized in connection with the NSU cases. The committee also asked for advice from experts and analysts hoping to hear not only about the mistakes of the past but also to learn a lesson for the future.’

The Local: Two accused in neo-Nazi trial ‘will talk’. ‘Although Beate Zschäpe, 38, on trial in connection with nine racially motivated murders and that of a German policewoman, has not made any comment to the Munich court hearing the case, it seems two of her four alleged accomplices may testify.’

Video – The Telegraph: Life in a neo-Nazi village. ‘As far-Right crime rises in Germany, the Telegraph visits the small village of Jamel where most of the residents subscribe to neo-Nazi ideology.

Figures published recently by the German government showed that far-Right crime is on the rise, with more than 17,000 crimes last year – of which 842 were violent acts.

Jamel is the tip of the iceberg; an indication of the extent to which the far-Right is active, especially in areas of eastern Germany where jobs are scarce.

“We’re threatened from both sides, on one side by immigration, on the other by low birth rate,” said Stefan Koester, a regional MP for the far-Right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). In 2011, his party won 6 per cent of the vote in state elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – the state that includes Jamel – and it now has five MPs in the regional parliament.’


Interview – Translated from Spanish – El Pais: Spain has resigned to become the state of the Catalans. ‘Josep Rul l is the right hand of Artur Mas in Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC) since Oriol Pujol temporarily depart from the general secretariat after being charged in the case of ITV called. Rull (Terrassa, 1968) regrets that Spain has not offered an alternative to route calls sovereignist and stop obstructing the right to decide for the Catalans as have the UK and Canada.’

UPI: Man arrested for calling for ETA bombing. ‘A Facebook user from Spain was arrested after posting he wished the Basque separatist group ETA would bomb the Royal Palace of Zarzuela.

In his status update, David Jose Duaigues Marti called the Royal family “criminals” and urged the ETA, or Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, to bomb the royal palace, ThinkSpain reported Friday.’


Video – JN1: Hundreds demonstrate against Malmo anti-Semitism. ‘Several hundred Jews and people of other faiths and none have marched in the southern Swedish city of Malmo to bring attention to intolerance and anti-Semitic attacks in the Nordic country. The city has a large immigrant Muslim community and attacks on Jews have spiked in recent years.’


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