News from Western Europe, Tuesday 21st May 2013


Yle: Sikh bus driver fights for right to wear turban. ‘Managing diversity in Finnish workplaces is raising new issues for employers, unions and workers themselves. One Sikh bus driver in Vantaa is currently fighting to set a precedent allowing him to wear a turban.’


The Guardian: Marine Le Pen plays down spine injury after swimming pool accident. ‘Marine Le Pen has rushed to reassure party activists and supporters of the far-right Front National that she is fine after her father revealed she had fractured her back falling into an empty swimming pool.

On Sunday, party officials joined in the chorus to play down the accident in which Le Pen apparently damaged her sacrum, the large triangular bone at the base of the spine that joins the lowest spinal vertebrae, the coccyx and the two hip bones.

Le Pen was reported to have slipped into the pool while mowing the lawn at her country home near Perpignan a week ago.’

Focus: Roma problem is out of control: Marine le Pen. ‘The leader of French nationalists Marine le Pen has taken part in a program dedicated to the condition of the foreign Roma in France on Sunday, 24matins writes.

According to the French government, about 20,000 foreign Roma opted to live in France, settling down in abandoned plants, private properties and terrains. Marine le Pen said that the situation was already out of control and the mayors of municipalities were asking the government for help, because they could not cope with the problem with the Roma accommodation.

She noted that “this reckless policy” should stop. She added that nearly 3 million French people lived in poor conditions and over 1 million were waiting for a home. At the same time, the leader of the nationalists is worried, because according to her the rhetoric of the French government attracts the Roma. That’s why she wants France to restore its border control.’


Hope Not Hate: Forza Nuova launches ‘Immigration Kills’ Internet campaign. ‘Italy’s far-right Forza Nuova party has launched an Internet campaign called ‘Immigration Kills’, referring to the recent rape and murder of a young woman in Livorno and a pick-ax killing spree committed in Milan on Saturday, both by non-Italians living in the country.

The campaign warns against reforms proposed by recently appointed Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s first black minister, that would grant children born to immigrants living legally in Italy automatic citizenship.

The recent acts “nail proponents of immigration reform to their responsibilities…and provide dramatic reasons against its applicability,” the group said on its site.’

Translated from German – Der Spiegel: Racism scandal in Italy punished with partial exclusion of the Roma fans. ‘the Italian first division soccer Roma has been punished for racist chanting against Milan striker Mario Balotelli with some exclusion of the spectators. The fan curve of the Roma must remain closed for a game after a ruling by the Italian sports court. Thus, the association increased the punishment after the previous week only a fine of 50,000 euros was imposed on Rome first.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter had recently in his opinion, to criticize lenient punishment. “For me incomprehensible, the Disciplinary Commission of the Italian Association has not even imposed only a fine 24 hours after the game. A fine alone does nothing, that is unacceptable . I am not happy and I will go directly to the Italian federation, “Blatter said in an interview at the FIFA website.’


The Nordic Page: Breivik’s Advocate Defends His Book. ‘Lippestad was criticized for allegedly violating the confidentiality of his client Breivik in his controversial book «Det vi kan stå for» (What we stand for). Bar Association therefore asked Lippestad to investigate the matter. According to Dagsavisen’s report, the association board asked lawyer Geir Lippestad to comment on several issues related to his book.

Lippestad explained why he believes he has not violated confidentiality. In addition, he showed a written statement from Breivik where he exempts Lippestad of confidentiality.’


Translated from Spanish – El Pais: A court agreed to expel an Islamist to be a “serious threat”.The expulsion of Spain from Mohamed needl, Syrian, 47, married the landlady of Morata de Tajunya where Islamist terrorists pumps mounted in 2004 that took the lives of 192 people in the four Atocha train is every closer. The Court number 31 of Madrid has agreed to dismiss the administrative appeal filed against the decision of the Government Office for which was agreed in 2011 his deportation for 10 years, “for reasons of national security”.’

The Local: ‘Neo-Nazi’ gang bloodies victim in bottle attack. ‘Three youths walking home in the early hours of Sunday morning were violently assaulted by a group of ‘Neo-Nazis’ in Valladolid, the capital city of the autonomous region of Castile and León in Spain.

Online journal últimoCero reported that the attack was focussed on two of the three victims.

A witness recalled that, “They broke a bottle over one person’s head, then started kicking him on the ground.”

“They also pushed and punched another person but the third avoided the aggression.”

The alarm was raised by a worker in the area who saw the incident which he described as “started by the neo-Nazis.”‘


UPI: About 100 cars burned in riots sparked by police shooting in Sweden. ‘About 100 vehicles were set ablaze in a riot in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, in what a group claims was a reaction to the police shooting of an elderly man.

A car set on fire in a nearby garage caused about 50 people to be evacuated from their apartment building, the Swedish news agency TT reported Monday.

Police said they were met by about 50 to 60 youths throwing stones when they responded to a disturbance in the suburb of Husby about 10 p.m. Sunday. The disturbance grew into a pair of riots in which vehicles were set on fire and a local shopping center vandalized.’

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