News from Western Europe, Wednesday 22nd May 2013


Richard Rogers and the Digital Methods Initiative, Amsterdam: Right-Wing Formations in Europe and Their Countermeasures: An Online Mapping.

‘This report describes the findings from an online mapping of the populist right and right-wing extremism in Europe. By online mapping is meant a picture of the right according to the web. We have not correlated our findings with an offline baseline, such as expert reports of levels of right-wing activity and membership counts, however defined. Rather we describe in some detail what the web is able to tell us about what we phrase right-wing formations online, that is, both the populist right as well as the extremists, in one mapping per country. Our analysis also includes crossovers, i.e., which groups, individuals or other formations are recognized in more than one country. For example, is there a European hub organization? Or are there particular links between right-wing groups across countries?’

The full report can be accessed here.


EurActiv: UK wants Hezbollah on EU terrorist list. 

Britain asked the European Union on Tuesday (21 May) to put Hezbollah’s military arm on its list of terrorist organisations, urging Europe to respond robustly to evidence of the Islamist group’s involvement in a July 2012 bomb attack in Bulgaria.

Britain’s request came after Bulgaria accused the Lebanese militant movement in February of carrying out a bomb attack on a bus in the Black Sea city of Burgas that killed five Israelis and their Bulgarian driver in July last year.’


Translated from German – Die Presse: FPÖ Manual: Strache defended “minus immigration”. ‘Immigrants are to blame for unemployment and crime, says the “Handbook for liberal politics.” While the other parties to the encounter passages, could see nothing inappropriate in it FPÖ party leader Heinz-Christian Strache on Tuesday.

He defended about the term “negative migration” , when it came to assign long-term unemployed or delinquent immigrants out of the country: “We are the only ones who will second that.” It could ultimately not be that “third-country nationals to immigrate to the welfare state Austria and do nothing.”

In addition, the now criticized passages from the manual published in 2011 would come, which is now revised and will be published in June, Strache held. The FPÖ show is “A to Z ruthless realities and truths” on.Asked about alleged entrained by immigrants diseases, said the FPÖ leader, you have here merely quotes a Swiss author.’


Audio – NPR: Far-Right Historian Commits Suicide In Notre Dame Cathedral. ‘Dominique Venner, a well-known French historian who embraced and wrote about ultra-conservative causes for decades, committed suicide today in front of the alter at Notre Dame Cathedral. He had left a post on his blog decrying the legalization of same sex marriage in France. “An infamous law … can always be repealed,” he wrote. “It will require new, spectacular and symbolic actions to rouse people from their complacency.”‘

Deutsche Welle: France’s Le Pen hails far-right Notre Dame suicide. ‘French National Front leader Marine le Pen has saluted the acts of a far-right activist who shot himself dead at Notre Dame. The man had earlier called on his blog for “spectacular action” to protect France’s identity.

Witnesses said that the man had placed a letter on the altar of the church before shooting himself in the head just after 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

The suicide was hailed as a political gesture by Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front. “All respect to Dominique Venner whose final, eminently political act was to try to wake up the people of France,” Le Pen said on Twitter, signing her initials to indicate that she had written the entry personally.’

Translated from French – Libération: 200 Roma evacuated by the police in the Val-de-Marne. ‘Nearly 200 Roma living on a former site of the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (CEA) in Limeil-Brévannes (Val-de-Marne) were evacuated Tuesday morning by police, said a police source.

According to this source, the Roma, who were about 200 Friday, had been notified of the eviction scheduled for Tuesday, and began to leave the area during the weekend.’

Video – JN1: Attack reignites debate over Muslim role in France. ‘Last week’s violent robbery of a priest in Avignon, reportedly by Muslim youths of North African descent, has re-started the debate about the rise of Islam in France. The incident prompted Archbishop Monsignor Cattenoz to warn that Muslims were taking over France. France has Europe’s largest Muslim community but there is anxiety about the increasing influence of conservative Islam in recent years.

Worries about the rise of right-wing Islam in France have again been raised by a recent speech by French Muslim leader Abdallah Ben Mansour who explains how Muslims are to thank for defending and France during the first and second World wars. Mansour concludes his speech by declaring that Muslims are the future of France and that they are the future and saviors of humanity.’


Deutsche Welle: Report shows neo-Nazi NSU on terror radar prior to murders. ‘A German TV documentary has obtained investigators’ correspondence suggesting that Saxony’s domestic intelligence service already considered the NSU to “resemble” a terrorist cell, before its first murder.

Investigators in the eastern state of Saxony in a letter dated April 28, 2000 – before the NSU allegedly committed its first of 10 murders in Germany – wrote that the trio now known as the National Socialist Underground could be considered similar to a terror cell.

“The group’s methods resemble the strategy of terrorist groups, which pursue a collective goal through the division of tasks,” the letter said, adding that in the trio’s particular case, “a considerable increase in intensity up to and including the most serious crimes is identifiable.”‘

UPI: Lawmakers call for ban on East German symbols. ‘Germany’s Christian Democrats called Tuesday for a ban on symbols associated with the former East Germany totalitarian socialist regime.

Earlier in May, veteran Stasi soldiers, the official state security service of East Germany, marched in uniform through Treptow where a Soviet War Memorial and graves of thousands of soldiers are located, reported.

Volker Kauder, parliamentary leader of the CDU, said the march was a provocation and made a mockery of the victims of the East Germany dictatorship.’


Gazzetta del Sud: European Parliament speaker slams Northern League MEP. ‘An Italian member of the European Parliament made “unacceptable” racial comments that have brought “shame” on the institution, its speaker said Monday. Martin Schulz blasted Mario Borghezio, who represents Italy’s separatist Northern League, for his racial slurs against the country’s first black cabinet minister, Cecile Kyenge. Schulz, who spoke during the opening session of the EU parliament, noted that a petition “signed by 130,000 people” has called for sanctions against Borghezio for his remarks.’

Northern League says it will no longer accept public funding. ‘The Northern League political party, which has been rocked by major financial scandals, announced Monday that it would not longer accept public funding but rely instead on donations. ”The principle is self-financing, we do not want money from anyone except party members,” said League Secretary and Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni. He made the announcement at the end of a party meeting in which it approved a ”severe” draft budget that did not feature public money. The anti-migrant party, which lobbies for greater autonomy for Italy’s wealthier northern regions, has been under intense scrutiny after a big financial scandal.’


Dutch News: Politicians head for ‘Sharia triangle’ to find out for themselves. ‘Social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher and MP and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders both paid visits to a district in The Hague dubbed the ‘Sharia triangle’ on Tuesday.

Asscher made a fact-finding visit to part of the city’s Schilderswijk neighbourhood early on Tuesday morning. It was an ‘individual visit, aimed at having a look around part of town which is being written about’, a spokesman for the minister said.

On Saturday, newspaper Trouw published an article saying the area is so dominated by orthodox Muslims they are dictating what people should wear and how they should behave.

The claim was denied by local politicians and the police. Local police chief Michel de Roos told broadcaster Omroep West claims by Trouw that the police allow locals to solve their own problems is not true. The police presence in the area has been strengthened and local beat officers have a strong local network, he said.’

Translated from Dutch – Volkskrant: PVV and SP voters: “It is a conspiracy! ‘. ‘Especially people who vote PVV and SP, believe in conspiracies. Voters in Christian parties are the least prone to conspiracy theories. Writes newspaper Trouw Wednesday on the front page.

Discovered by two researchers from the University of Amsterdam. More than a quarter of the PVV voters consider it likely that governments conceal that with some regularity UFOs on Earth. Almost a quarter of the 50-plus supporters, 15% of the Green Link launderers and 1 in 8 PvdA and SP voters believe in it.’


Video – JN1: Radical urges Islamists to retake Spain.

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