News from Western Europe, Wednesday 5th June 2013


Translated from German – Die Presse: Freedom Party makes a stirOnce again, a Facebook posting of the FPÖ up a storm.The reason for the slip-up this time was a call to the Muslim Youth of Austria to help with the cleanup after the flood. “To all Muslim youth: Austria needs you,” wrote the organization on Facebook and on her website The FPÖ Traismauer replied via facebook posting., “I think the Austrians get on very well without you cope! And that (sic) in every respect! ”

Local Party boss Michael Schuller on Tuesday apologized for the posting. He had deleted it personally. “The entry did not meet my view, what the catastrophic situation of flood concerns,”‘


The Local: French court to jail ‘anti-white’ racist for attack. ‘A court in the southern city of Toulon sentenced a local man to a year in prison this week, with nine months suspended, after he racially abused a white man and later attacked him.

The assailant, aged in his thirties and of north African origins, was found to have shouted “You dirty white, I’m going to smash you. This is a place for Arabs,” at the victim, who was in a carpark with five friends, both male and female, on the night of May 10th.’


Deutsche Welle: Germany grapples with displaying Nazi art. ‘It’s still a highly sensitive issue in Germany: What to do with art that was commissioned by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945. More German museums are beginning to confront their own role during the period.

Should Nazi art be exhibited? For a long time in post-war Germany, the answer was a clear and unequivocal no.

Many people didn’t want to deal with the propagandistic art of a murderous regime because it reminded them of their own complicity. Others didn’t want it shown because they themselves had been victims of the Holocaust.

Another argument for not publicly displaying Nazi art was that is was pure propaganda with no artistic value whatsoever.’

Translated from German – Der Spiegel: Zschäpes defender require termination of proceedings. ‘In the process NSU ‘s defenders have Beate Zschäpe requested a termination of the proceedings for alleged prejudice. Zschäpe had been referred from public institutions including “a member of a gang of murderers,” “with that in the expressions ever was expressed that there is a suspicion,” said defending champion Anja storm before the Higher Regional Court of Munich.

“Due to the specific, self-directed by the law enforcement authorities and operated prejudice our client” is a rule of law, due process no longer feasible. It is to be feared that witnesses can be influenced. Also in the parliamentary committees of inquiry was “a manifest prejudice” has been made. After the reading of the request, the meeting for lunch was interrupted.’

Translated from German – Die Welt: Combat boots erotically attracted Carsten S. ‘Carsten S. first defendant to testify in Munich NSU process. He told of his purchase of weapons for the terrorist cell – and explained why he was as a young homosexual at neo-Nazi.’


Gazzetta del Sud: Bossi calls Maroni ‘traitor’, sparks League uproar. ‘The founder of the Northern League sparked a party uproar Tuesday when he said he should return to lead the regionalist movement after calling party head and Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni a “traitor” for allying too closely with ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi and the center right. “He doesn’t share our ideals,” said Umberto Bossi in an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica. “I must absolutely come back to lead the party”‘

The New York Times: Italy’s Migrant Detention Centers Are Cruel, Rights Groups Say. ‘The Identification and Expulsion Center, a detention complex on the outskirts of Rome where illegal immigrants can be held for months before deportation, is not a prison. But the difference seems mostly a question of semantics[…]

The center, in the suburb of Ponte Galeria, is one of 11 in Italy used to hold people — some who have lived in Italy for years — who lack working or residence permits, or whose papers have expired. The authorities say that the centers are essential to better regulate illegal immigration and that they comply with European Union guidelines.

But such centers in Italy, and elsewhere in Europe, are coming in for intensifying criticism from human rights groups and others who say they are inhumane, ineffective and costly. In Italy, critics assert that the centers reflect policies that equate immigration with criminality, overlook the economic benefits that immigrants can bring and fail to take account of the increasingly multicultural nature of society.’


Translated from Dutch – Volkskrant: Terrorism leads to loss of Dutch nationality. ‘The government should arrange for participation in a terrorist organization leads to loss of Dutch citizenship. That is a majority of the House.

Klaas Dijkhoff the VVD came up with a proposal to this effect, because some Dutch, often with dual nationality, are tempted to jihadist struggle and violence against freedom and democracy’


The Local: Poll results point to ‘very exciting’ 2014 . ‘Sweden’s centre-left opposition parties now have enough support for a majority according to the latest Political Party Preference Survey, while combined support for the centre-right Alliance coalition has fallen to just over 40 percent.

The Moderates find themselves with the support of 26.9 percent of the electorate, while the Social Democrats’ support has climbed to 35.6 percent.

Despite the poll lift, Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin cautioned the party “won’t be satisfied” until it wins the 2014 election[…]

However, a majority from either bloc is far from certain, according to political scientist Nicholas Aylott at Södertörn University in Stockholm, as the Sweden Democrats continue to poll strongly, registering voter support of 7.7 percent in the latest Statistic Sweden survey.

“The results suggest that the Sweden Democrats will likely maintain their current representation in parliament and it’s quite plausible that could end up depriving either bloc of achieving a majority,” he told The Local.’

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