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Extremism. Terrorism. Populism. Analyzed.

In their various forms, extremism and terrorism poses a major challenge to liberal democracies. To meet this challenge, we need evidence and objective analysis.

Extremis Project is a platform for independent, objective and evidence-based research on extremism and terrorism, and the drivers of their support. The aim behind the site is to develop a shared resource that can be used by various audiences to track and understand extremisms: public policy-makers; academics and researchers; police and security services; think-tankers; practitioners and third sector groups; and journalists.

Extremis Project is completely independent of any other group, organisation or institution.

We are endorsed by leading academics in the field:

“Extremis Project is a new and original resource on political extremism, which aims to go beyond simplistic analyses and denunciations. It is well on its way to become an invaluable resource for academics, journalists and policy makers around the world.” – Professor Cas Mudde, author of the Populist Radical Right in Europe (Cambridge University Press).

“The site offers unparalleled coverage of news and research, and is sure to become the leading online platform for academics working on extremism and terrorism.” Professor Roger Eatwell, Dean of Faculty at the University of Bath, and author of Fascism: A History (Random House)

Though only launched in August 2012, stories and analysis broken here have been featured in numerous national outlets, including:

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  • You would like to become an EP correspondent providing high quality updates on extremism
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