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As a writer, researcher and commentator, Anthony Painter specialises in social and political change as it relates to the politics of identity. He leads the Populism, Extremism and the Mainstream Barrow Cadbury Trust supported project at Policy Network. His research focuses on public attitudes, nationhood and cultural drivers of politics. English nationalism has been a particular focus of his work such as his Soundings Journal piece on pluralistic notions of political Englishness. He co-authored the very high profile Fear and Hope Report published by the Searchlight Educational Trust. It was covered across the UK media including an Oped from former British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband. In 2009, Anthony’s Barack Obama: the movement for change was published by Arcadia Books. It took a historical look at the politics of race in the US and the Obama presidential campaign. His forthcoming book Left without a future? Social justice after the crash looks at the politics of class, identity and nationhood in the context of economic distress. Anthony has written for a number of publications including The Guardian, the New Statesman and Open Democracy. Anthony is co-founder of Extremis Project. His Twitter feed is @anthonypainter.

Announcement regarding Extremis Project

Since the launch of Extremis Project in September 2012, the site has provided a platform for analysis from leading experts – a unique resource in the field. And it has proven to be extremely popular. Our research and analysis has been covered in national and international media. Our team has provided daily trackers to keep […]

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News from Central and Eastern Europe, Friday 29th March 2013

BOSNIA Balkan Insight : Bosnians Must Solve Federation Crisis, OHR Says. ‘A meeting on Tuesday of the Peace Implementation Council, the international body charged with overseeing the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, said Bosnia’s High Representative will not intervene to solve the ongoing political crisis in the country’s Federation entity. “The authorities must stop expecting the International […]

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Conservatives and Labour and the identity dilemma

Extremis Project co-Director, Matthew Goodwin, writes on ConservativeHome today: Conservative support on the identity axis exhibits more of a ‘block’ character than the other parties, it ultimately remains a block that has not delivered a decent majority for a generation. If economic stagnation continues, which is likely, then any notion that cultural issues might provide […]

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Exclusive – New Extremis Project/YouGov poll in The Observer

The Observer reports: Despite London 2012 being heralded as a celebration of a diverse society, the research suggests much of the electorate remains open to views traditionally associated with far-right groups. The survey, conducted by YouGov with 1,750 respondents, found that 41% of people would be more likely to vote for a party that promised […]

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Extremist threat is not just about the economy, stupid

Extremis Project co-founders, Matt Goodwin and Anthony Painter, have a piece in the Jewish Chronicle on extremism and the financial crash. It argues: Recent evidence suggests that concerns over national identity matter more. Those endorsing the far right also feel that these parties are meeting their anxieties over perceived threats to their identity, values and […]

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Sunday Review: Joe Hayman ‘British Voices: the UK in its own words’ and Daniel Trilling ‘Bloody Nasty People. The rise of Britain’s far right.’

In Rhyl, a working-class pleasure resort, they have erected a new development between the esplanade and sea. It is called ‘New Drift Park’. The connection between the town and the sea has now been intruded upon. Concrete now sits where once the view was unencumbered. This barrier serves as a metaphor for modern Britain. There’s […]

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Research database expanded and first newsletter published

UPDATE: The research database has now been expanded enormously with documents going back over a decade. Our aim if for the database to become the place to go for high-quality research on extremism – and hopefully we’ve made a good start in that regard. What is currently there is only the beginning. Should you wish […]

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The wider implications of the Breivik verdict

It was the verdict that Norway wanted and also that wished for by Anders Behring Breivik. He had legal accountability for the act of terrorism he perpetrated over a year ago. He will now be imprisoned in Ila Prison for 21 years though if he is still adjudged to be a threat to the public […]

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Breivik LIVE BLOG 24.08.12

10.30am That’s it for now. Some thoughts, reaction and another Norway tracker later. Thank you for checking in. 10.01am The Daily Telegraph has a video of the moment the verdict was delivered in the courtroom. 9.54am New York Times reports Oslo University law professor, Alf Petter Hogberg, a professor of public and international law at Oslo […]

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Extremis Project (beta) launch covered in Huffington Post UK

The (beta) launch of Extremis Project has attracted the interest of Huffington Post UK. Dr Matthew Goodwin and Anthony Painter are both quoted. Goodwin says: Put simply, we know a lot about al-Qaeda inspired terrorism but very little about the dynamics of violence on the extreme right-wing. This is one reason why we launched the […]

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