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As a writer, researcher and commentator, Anthony Painter specialises in social and political change as it relates to the politics of identity. He leads the Populism, Extremism and the Mainstream Barrow Cadbury Trust supported project at Policy Network. His research focuses on public attitudes, nationhood and cultural drivers of politics. English nationalism has been a particular focus of his work such as his Soundings Journal piece on pluralistic notions of political Englishness. He co-authored the very high profile Fear and Hope Report published by the Searchlight Educational Trust. It was covered across the UK media including an Oped from former British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband. In 2009, Anthony’s Barack Obama: the movement for change was published by Arcadia Books. It took a historical look at the politics of race in the US and the Obama presidential campaign. His forthcoming book Left without a future? Social justice after the crash looks at the politics of class, identity and nationhood in the context of economic distress. Anthony has written for a number of publications including The Guardian, the New Statesman and Open Democracy. Anthony is co-founder of Extremis Project. His Twitter feed is @anthonypainter.

Far right violence: more needs to be done

Matt Goodwin has a piece in the Huffington Post this morning on the threat from far-right violence and how we should respond to it. He argues: Politicians and security officials tend to dismiss the threat of far right violence and its perpetrators as belonging to the loon fringe. They often reject the argument that -like […]

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Should we concern ourselves with the politics of identity?

Report and analysis from first seminar of the Populism, Extremism and the Mainstream project at Policy Network Is there a politics of cultural identity or is it just a manifestation of the politics of class? Very few subscribe to a pure politics of class or politics of identity in their analysis of the political change […]

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Extremism and economics: A complicated relationship

To what extent is the rise of right-wing extremism in Europe due to the financial crisis? Across Europe, the rise of political parties like Golden Dawn in Greece, the Austrian Freedom Party and Party for Freedom in the Netherlands has led many commentators to attribute their support to the onset of a severe economic downturn […]

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