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G. Kassimeris
George Kassimeris is a Reader in Terrorism Studies. He is the author/editor of five books including, Europe’s Last Red Terrorists (New York University Press), The Barbarisation of Warfare (New York University Press) and Playing Politics with Terrorism: A User’s Guide (Columbia University Press). His new research monograph Inside Greek Terrorism (Hurst/Oxford University Press) is out in March.

British Muslims and the discourses of dysfunction: community cohesion and counterterrorism in the West Midlands

George Kassimeris & Leonie Jackson Throughout most of the last decade, the issue of the proposed mosque dominated local politics in the West Midlands town of Dudley. From its launch in 2001 to the eventual scrapping of plans in May 2010, the project received a huge amount of local media attention, became the focus of [...]

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