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Giorgos Charalambous (PhD, University of Manchester, 2008) lectures in politics at the University of Cyprus and Frederick University, Cyprus. His research and published work centres on the study of political parties (especially the European radical left), the domestic politics of European integration and Cypriot politics (parties, elections, institutions). His monograph, titled ‘European Integration and the Communist Dilemma: Communist Party Responses to Europe in Greece, Cyprus and Italy’ is forthcoming with Ashgate.

Nationalism, Euroscepticism and the radical left and right: A short response to Halikiopoulou’s, Nanou’s and Vasilopoullou’s (2012) study

In their 2012 article in the European Journal of Political Research, and its summary in Extremis Project (20 November 2012), Daphne Halikiopoulou, Kyriaki Nanou and Sofia Vasilopoulou (hereafter, Halikiopoulou et al. (2012), or the authors) test a novel argument about the importance and role of nationalism in driving Euroscepticism in radical left and radical right […]

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