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Jamie heads the Violence and Extremism Programme at Demos where he specialises in extremist groups and social media. In 2011 Jamie completed a major project on the relationship between non-violent and violent Islamist extremism based on two years of in-depth field research across Europe and Canada. Last year he undertook a social media survey of 12,000 supporters of right wing populist parties and movements in Western and Eastern Europe, and has released papers on the English Defence League and the Jobbik Party in Hungary.

Wilders no longer alone on Europe’s anti-elite trajectory

If Geert Wilders didn’t exist, the electorate would probably have to invent him. Trust in politicians and political parties is tumbling, partly driven by a perception of endless spinning, incincerity, and being generally out of touch. Wilders’ recent success in the Netherlands is not only about his policies – although he does respond directly to concerns many Dutch voters have […]

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