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Shandon Harris-Hogan is a researcher at the Global Terrorism Research Centre and a graduate of Monash University’s Master of International Relations program. Shandon’s work surrounds radicalisation, its presence in Australia and how it can be identified. More specifically, this research has involved the use of social network analysis to track neojihadist activity in Australia and Australia’s links to the global movement. Other areas of expertise include analysis of the structure of terrorist networks and the logic of terrorist tactics and targeting. His work can be found in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Behavioural Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression and Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict and is forthcoming in Terrorism and Political Violence, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations and Politics, Religion and Ideology.

Australian Neo-Jihadist Terrorism

My research aimed to map and analyse the Australian neojihadist network by conducting a social network analysis. Rather than islands of non-communicating cells the analysis uncovered a small interconnected network of Australian neojihadists which transcends time and specific operations. It revealed a close, insular network of extremists connected by blood, marriage and close friendships. The […]

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