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Image copyrighted by Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. Ulrik Pram Gad is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Advanced Security Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Overall research interest is identity politics; current research focuses on Muslims in the Danish army and on post-colonial sovereignty games in the Arctic. Recent publications include two articles on concepts of dialogue as counterterrorism both in Critical Studies on Terrorism (2012); an article on 'Muslims as a security problem in Danish integration discourse' in NordEuropa Forum (2011); a double special issue of Security Dialogue on 'The politics of Securitization' (co-edited with K.L. Petersen, 2011); and a review essay on the relations constructed between Islam and violence entitled 'Dusting for Fingerprints' in Distinktion (co-authored with M. Crone & M. Sheikh, 2008).

Never too late to improve bad policy: Counter-radicalization in Denmark

After the 2005 bombing of the London underground, the Danish government increasingly extended its narratives on how to counter terrorism so as to include not just terrorist intrusion from abroad but also so-called home-grown terrorists. As part of efforts to limit this undesired growth, a comprehensive Danish counter-radicalisation Action Plan was formulated in 2008–2009, and [...]

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