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Uncovering the Wider Structure of Extreme Right Communities Spanning Popular Online Networks

Derek O’Callaghan, Derek Greene, Maura Conway, Joe Carthy, Padraig Cunningham Given Twitter’s facility for the dissemination of content, we investigated its potential to act as one possible gateway to the wider online extreme right milieu, which spans multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in addition to other websites and blogs, etc. Our analysis focused on […]

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Hamas as a Political Party

In this article, we seek to answer the following questions — why do violent movements participate in elections and what factors explain the timing of these decisions to participate? To answer this question, we examine the case of Hamas’s formation of the Reform and Change Party and its iconic victory in the 2006 elections to […]

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A Battlefield of Meanings: The Struggle for Identity in the UN Debates on a Definition of International Terrorism

Since the attacks at the Olympic Games in 1972, debates on a definition of international terrorism as part of a comprehensive convention have been preoccupying the United Nations (UN). However, for nearly forty years the quest for a definition has been fruitless. Current approaches explain the failure due to different factors, most importantly divergences in […]

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The Boston Bombings: Was religion the motivating factor?

On 15 April 2013, two pressure cookers packed with explosives, nails and ball bearings were used to claim the lives of three people and injured hundreds more near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon. US law enforcement officers have already killed one of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and have charged his younger brother, Dzhokhar. […]

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Internship Opportunities

Research Internships (x 4) Working For: Extremis Project Location: Internet/London Job Details: Extremism – in its various forms – poses a major challenge to governments, public policy makers and social cohesion. To meet this challenge, we need evidence. Extremis Project is a new web platform for independent, objective and evidence-based research on extremism and its support. We launched in […]

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Religion, Politics and Terrorism in Pakistan

During the 1950s, if one were to attempt to predict which of the new Muslim states that emerged during the 20th century would pose a major threat to global peace and security, Pakistan would be very much at the bottom of the list. Pakistan was then widely regarded as a beacon of moderation: a highly […]

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The Enduring Influence of 9/11 on Muslim Identity in Britain

Since 9/11 and the subsequent ‘global war on terror’ Muslims across the world have found themselves under greater scrutiny in the name of security, especially in Western states such as Britain where the motivations and loyalty of Britain’s Muslim minority population and their ability or intention to integrate into society have been questioned. The label […]

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Paolo Di Canio and the Legacy of Fascism

Last week, English Premiership football club, Sunderland Association Football Club (SAFC), fired its manager, the Northern Irish Martin O’Neill, and replaced him with a new one, the Italian Paolo Di Canio. According to the U.S. American club owner, Ellis Short, the new manager is the right man to keep the struggling team in the English […]

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Preventing Violent Extremism: Perceptions of Policy from Grassroots and Communities

In 2003 the UK’s then Labour government began to organise a number of consultations and working groups in a bid to understand what role a ‘softer’ approach could play within its counter-terrorism strategy. In addition to pursuing known terrorists or preparing for a potential attack, the government felt that more emphasis should be given to […]

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Violent extremism in Greece: Focusing on the far-right

Perhaps the most challenging domestic security issue facing Greece today is the presence and emboldening of violent far-right militias and gangs. Incidents of far-right violence in Greece saw a steady ascent over the 2000s, overwhelmingly targeting immigrants but also leftists and anarchists. By 2009, far-right platoons of thirty to forty men dressed in black and […]

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