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Putting ‘counter-Jihad’ groups under the microscope

The electorally orientated populist parties which have long dominated the radical right have recently been joined by more chaotic and unpredictable ‘counter-Jihad’ groups. Matthew Goodwin explains how these groups differ from their more traditional party based antecedents, before presenting the findings of his recent project which surveyed 1,666 British adults and 300 supporters of the […]

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Al-Qaeda’s Cyber Warfare: The Virtual World of Extremism

The recent case of the 3 men convicted of terrorism offences in Birmingham highlights how easily people can be radicalised through the Internet by websites and online videos/sermons. Evidence in the trial of the men showed that they were frequent visitors to online sites where they were listening to various sermons. In Britain, the fight […]

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Counterterrorism, public support & violence levels

There are no one-size-fits-all policy recommendations to be made when it comes to counterterrorism. Despite many states’ decades of experience fighting terrorism in a wide variety of conflicts and notwithstanding the considerable research efforts that have gone into assessing the efficacy of counterterrorism approaches, there is still considerable uncertainty over how best to deal with […]

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Chavismo without Chávez

After a long battle against cancer and several medical operations in Cuba, Hugo Chávez has died in his homeland. In the coming days we will witness an impressive ritual of redemption and sacralisation. What is going to happen once the ritual is over? According to the existing constitution, new presidential elections must be held 30 […]

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With UKIP on the rise, whatever happened to the BNP?

The British political arena has long been an inhospitable place for minor parties. While UKIP is the latest to turn heads, from one election to the next history is littered with failed contenders. Back in the 1980s, it was noted how one of the more significant attempts to challenge the main parties, by the Social Democratic Party, […]

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Muslims, Extremism and the ‘Suspect’ Community

In 2011 European leaders such as the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the British Prime Minister David Cameron held an international conference in Munich to discuss issues of home-grown extremism, radicalisation, and multiculturalism, thus sparking a debate about how countries adopt counter-terrorism policies that are used to combat the extremist […]

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Party campaigns matter, including for those on the extremist fringe

It is widely accepted that the manner in which a party campaigns will shape its overall performance. Yet Matthew Goodwin observes that this has failed to translate into detailed research on party campaigning by parties on the radical and extremist fringe. In a recent project which focused on the 2010 general election campaign by the […]

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Understanding Islamist Terrorism in Western Countries

We are now all-too-familiar with the fact that residents and citizens of Western countries are becoming radicalised and actively participating in Islamist militant activities, including taking up arms with terrorist-insurgencies abroad in places such as Somalia, and plotting to attack civilian targets at home in the West. Yet despite the fact that ‘home-grown’ Islamist terrorism […]

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Germany: Right-Wing NPD Posts Semi-Secret File on Itself

Once more, German authorities are pondering what to do with the extreme right NPD (officially “Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands / Die Volksunion” after merging with its longstanding competitor DVU). While the Federal Council (which represents the 16 federal states) has already applied for a ban, government and parliament have not yet decided whether they support this […]

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Terrorism and Elections: The Use of Non-Violent Strategies

The 9-11 attacks refocused the international security environment to the dangers of terrorism. The use of terrorism has become a primary fixture in conflict environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel-Palestine. These conflicts, and others show that the use of terrorism is an ongoing security threat to states in the international system. However, despite the […]

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