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Fear and Hope Report

The anti-fascist organisation Searchlight has found itself on the front-line of a new politics of identity. What began as a fight against Fascism has broadened as British extremism has changed form over the past decade. It is now impossible to simply deal with the Far Right threat, as Searchlight has done for almost 50 years, […]

Intolerance, prejudice and discrimination: a European report

Do Europeans believe in the values of human rights, such as tolerance, intercultural diversity and solidarity? How widespread are prejudices towards “others” who are supposedly “different“? And to which extent are we willing to accept social, ethnic, cultural and religious minorities as equals and grant them equal participation? What does this mean for politics and […]

Cause for concern? The impact of immigration on political trust

This paper explores the extent to which public concern about immigration affects trust in politicians and political institutions. The study uses the four rounds of the European Social Survey (2002-2009) to explore the relationship between public attitudes to immigration and public attitudes to politicians and political institutions. It controls for other possible factors affecting levels […]

Tea Party Nationalism

Tea Party Nationalism is the first report of its kind. It examines the six national organizational networks at the core of the Tea Party movement: FreedomWorks Tea Party, 1776 Tea Party, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots, ResistNet, and Tea Party Express. This report documents the corporate structures and leaderships, their finances, and membership concentrations […]

Understanding the rise of the far right: Focus group results

This research seeks to identify the reasons for the rise in support for the far right. Focus groups took place in Stoke-on-Trent, Blackburn with Darwen and North West Leicestershire. These areas, or at least pockets within them, are places of high deprivation, low employment and few life chances for many people living there. Local economies […]

Angry White Men: Individual and Contextual Predictors of Support for the British National Party

The British National party (BNP) is the most successful extreme right party in Britain’s electoral history and is the fastest growing political party in twenty-first century Britain. This article presents the first ever individual-level analysis of BNP supporters, utilising a survey data set uniquely compiled for this purpose.We find that support for the BNP is […]

Community Cohesion: A Report of the Independent Review Team

The Community Cohesion Review Team (CCRT) was set up to identify good practice, key policy issues and new and innovative thinking in the field of community cohesion. The Terms of Reference were specifically: ‘To obtain the views of local communities, including young people, local authorities, voluntary and faith organisations, in a number of representative multi-ethnic […]

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