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The radical right in Europe: Available on Demand

Peter Kreko argues that social demand for radical right ideologies not only works to increase the electoral base of support for radical right parties, but also shifts the overall political landscape in a more authoritarian, more nationalistic and more chauvinistic direction. Most “attitude radicals” are not found in the ranks of the radical right, but […]

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Under the microscope: Public attitudes toward the English Defence League (EDL)

Despite attracting considerable publicity, the English Defence League (EDL) remains under-researched and poorly understood. While some have explored online supporters of the EDL, little is known about wider public perceptions: what ordinary citizens think about the group, its values and provocative street-based strategy. The absence of reliable research is striking given the EDL’s current plans to hold […]

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New evidence: attitudes toward immigration in Europe

The reliable Transatlantic Trends survey shows that scepticism about immigration is strong, but the picture is not all negative. Immigration arouses passion and debate like no other issue. Across Europe, human rights groups, flamboyant populists and tabloid media jostle over every new bit of data or opinion poll. The issue doesn’t look set to fall […]

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