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Jihadi Public Relations Spin: The Arab Revolutions and Al-Qaida???s Media Response

The central theme in Al-Qaida???s prognosis has always been the promotion of violent jihad as the principal tool with which to challenge the status quo. A campaign of militancy with Al-Qaida at the helm would be the only way to topple secular leaders and challenge their Western backers. Any other forms of activism would be […]

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America???s Trajectory in the Long War: Redirecting Efforts toward Strategic Effects versus Simply Tactical Gains

Introduction Eleven years following the attacks on 9/11 the United States has a significant disconnect between its strategic and tactical efforts against violent global jihadists. Some American leaders and commanders are confusing effectiveness and success, improperly associating tactical disruption of enemy elements with strategic effect. While the country has won some important tactical victories, it […]

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New data: Assessing the global terrorist threat

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), has released new data from its Global Terrorism Database. Based at the University of Maryland, the consortium has??compiled data on over 100,000 terrorist attacks between 1970 and 2011, and has just released new??data on terrorist attacks across the globe in 2011. The […]

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South Asia Tracker 04.10.12

Pakistan: Firstpost: The al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri may be in Pakistan, according to author Imtiaz Gul. On where Zawahiri could be hiding, the author writes: ‘The city that would most suit him and provide him with the peace he needs to strategise his takeover is Islamabad.’” Pakistan Today: The Pakistani Army has told a visiting […]

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