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News from the United Kingdom, Wednesday 8th May 2013

The Independent: White Britons ‘in retreat’ from racially mixed areas, reveals study by think-tank Demos. ‘A “retreat” of white Britons from areas where minorities live is limiting cultural integration, the think-tank Demos has found. Analysis of the 2011 census figures shows that 45 per cent of ethnic minorities in England and Wales live in areas where […]

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News from the United Kingdom, Thursday 7th February 2013

Cambridge News: EDL city demo ‘not expecting huge numbers’. ‘English Defence League leaders are meeting police to “reduce disruption” during a demonstration in Cambridge. The right-wing group, which disputes claims from supporters of Cambridge Unite Against Fascism that it was forced to call off a march, told the News the group had decided to hold […]

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United Kingdom Tracker 07.12.12

The Guardian: Northern Ireland: paramilitaries playing role in violence, say police. ‘Northern Ireland’s chief constable has confirmed that loyalist paramilitaries are taking part in violent protests targeting the Alliance party for its decision to back a policy ending the daily flying of the union flag at Belfast city hall. Matt Baggott also vowed that the […]

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The rise and fall of the BNP in one graph

The 2012 UK local elections saw a further drop in public support for the extreme right-wing British National Party (BNP), which at one point could rally over 200,000 voters at the local level. Given the party’s recent shift toward non-electoral demonstrations -or more accurately its return to the original strategy of ‘march and grow’- we went […]

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A fatal blow? The latest split within the British National Party #BNP

Yesterday, one of the two British National Party Members of the European Parliament resigned his membership of the flagging extreme right group. The resignation of Andrew Brons -a veteran and influential activist within the far right- leaves Nick Griffin as the only BNP voice in the European Parliament. More broadly, the split reduces the total […]

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The police commissioner elections raise an awkward question for the BNP

Today, the leader of the British National Party -Nick Griffin- confirmed on Twitter that his party would boycott the forthcoming elections for police commissioners in 41 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales. Griffin’s rationale is that low turnout would undermine the legitimacy of the posts – a rather odd explanation given that […]

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Beginner’s guide to new groups on Britain’s far right

With the rapid decline in the British National Party’s (BNP) electoral fortunes, and with the English Defence League now counting their demonstrators in the hundreds as supposed to the thousands (did you see our survey?), it may look as though Britain’s far-right has gone quiet. The failure of the far right to capitalise on the […]

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United Kingdom Tracker 05.10.12

Analysis: Policy Network: Recapturing the ‘Reluctant Radicals’: Marley Morris discusses the recent Counterpoint research for Policy Network: “‘Reluctant radicals’ who offer uncommitted and indecisive support to populist parties are key to understanding the success of the far-right in European elections” Rotherham Advertiser: Anti-fascists planning rally to counter EDL’s Rotherham demo: “Anti-fascist protesters have called for […]

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Where now for the British far-right?

The British far-right should be having a ball. With the economy faltering, austerity biting and economic pessimism growing, the conditions for racism and racist scapegoating could hardly be better. But, as Nick Lowles reports, racist groups are contracting and morale is dropping. Will it always be like this? In May, the British National Party (BNP) […]

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The latest on the British Freedom Party

The British Freedom Party (BFP) is one of the numerous groups to have splintered away from the British National Party over the last several years. Lead by former UKIP candidate Paul Weston, the party announced its political alliance with the English Defence League (EDL) earlier this year and appointed Tommy Robinson as Deputy Leader. With […]

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