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Hamas as a Political Party

In this article, we seek to answer the following questions — why do violent movements participate in elections and what factors explain the timing of these decisions to participate? To answer this question, we examine the case of Hamas’s formation of the Reform and Change Party and its iconic victory in the 2006 elections to […]

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Terrorism and Elections: The Use of Non-Violent Strategies

The 9-11 attacks refocused the international security environment to the dangers of terrorism. The use of terrorism has become a primary fixture in conflict environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel-Palestine. These conflicts, and others show that the use of terrorism is an ongoing security threat to states in the international system. However, despite the […]

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News from the United Kingdom, Tuesday 19th February

Daily Echo: Former Lib Dem to stand for English Democrats at Eastleigh by-election. ‘A former Liberal Democrat will be representing the English Democrats at the upcoming by-election. Michael Walters has been announced as its candidate for the contest on February 28. A committed Anglican and Royal British Legion member, Mr Walters is the English Democrats’ current […]

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News from Central and Eastern Europe, Monday 18th February 2013

ARMENIA Reuters: Armenians vote in presidential election marred by shooting. ‘Armenians voted in a presidential election on Monday that is likely to hand incumbent Serzh Sarksyan a new five-year term, but the lack of any serious opposition and an assassination attempt on one of his rivals cast a shadow over the election. Opinion polls suggest Sarksyan’s […]

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News from Central and Eastern Europe, Thursday 14th February 2013

Austria Der Standard: Freedom Party councillor resigns after questionable Facebook posts. ‘After it became known that the National Office determined for constitutional protection because of questionable postings of two Upper Austrian FPÖ mandates, one of them has taken the consequences: Fabian W. from Franking (district Braunau) is no longer a party member and renounced his […]

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US Tracker 15.11.12

Mother Jones: “President Obama is using a Cold War-era mind-control technique known as ‘Delphi’ to coerce Americans into accepting his plan for a United Nations-run communist dictatorship in which suburbanites will be forcibly relocated to cities. That’s according to a four-hour briefing delivered to Republican state senators at the Georgia state Capitol last month.” Foreign Policy: “The […]

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