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News from North America, Friday 10th May 2013

The Hill: “Congress should give more money to state and local law enforcement agencies in the ‘war’ with homegrown terrorists, former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) told House lawmakers on Thursday. ‘We’re in a war and, as I said, it’s against an ideology that is not receding; it’s spreading,’ the former senator said. ‘Particularly with homegrown […]

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News from North America, Monday 1st April 2013

BBC News: “A district attorney has been shot dead in Texas, the third justice official to be killed in the US in recent weeks. Mike McLelland and his wife were found dead on Saturday in Kaufman County. Kaufman’s Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse was killed in January. Last week a suspect in the killing of […]

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Why the Republicans Will Continue to Oppose Obama on Immigration

The Republicans found themselves wrongfooted by the nation’s changing ethnic demography in the election, but endorsing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants may carry more risks than rewards for the GOP. Across the blogosphere, commentators of all political stripes are pointing to the advantage which the unprecedented minority vote gave to Obama in both […]

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