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News from the United Kingdom, Wednesday 20th March 2013

Research: Political Studies: Geoffrey Evans and Kat Chzhen: Explaining Voters’ Defection from Labour over the 2005–10 Electoral Cycle: Leadership, Economics and the Rising Importance of Immigration. ‘We examine the significance of leadership, economic problems and immigration for defection from voting Labour over the period 2005–10. Vote switching at different points throughout the electoral cycle is estimated using discrete-time […]

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News from the United Kingdom, Thursday 7th March 2013

The Guardian: Derry mortar van contained bomb to destroy evidence, court told. ‘A republican dissident gang was so well prepared for a mortar attack on a Derry police station that it also had a blast incendiary device in a van to destroy all evidence at the weapons’ firing point, a court has been told. Evidence of a carefully […]

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Why Nick Griffin and the BNP are Not Back


Last week, and aside from the Leveson report, observers of British politics focused on the outcome of three parliamentary by-elections in Rotherham, Middlesbrough and North Croydon. While the bulk of attention focused on Labour wins across all three seats, and a strong performance by the radical right UK Independence Party, another story concerned the extreme right […]

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Conservatives and Labour and the identity dilemma

Extremis Project co-Director, Matthew Goodwin, writes on ConservativeHome today: Conservative support on the identity axis exhibits more of a ‘block’ character than the other parties, it ultimately remains a block that has not delivered a decent majority for a generation. If economic stagnation continues, which is likely, then any notion that cultural issues might provide […]

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Extremis Project/YouGov Data and Results

A new poll on public attitudes by the Extremis Project and YouGov suggests that significant numbers of voters remain receptive to a political party that promised to stand up to business and political elites, halt immigration, curb the presence of Islam and prioritise British values over other cultures. The key findings were reported yesterday, in […]

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Sunday Review: Joe Hayman ‘British Voices: the UK in its own words’ and Daniel Trilling ‘Bloody Nasty People. The rise of Britain’s far right.’

In Rhyl, a working-class pleasure resort, they have erected a new development between the esplanade and sea. It is called ‘New Drift Park’. The connection between the town and the sea has now been intruded upon. Concrete now sits where once the view was unencumbered. This barrier serves as a metaphor for modern Britain. There’s […]

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