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News from the United Kingdom, Friday 1st February 2013

BBC News: Family quits Bingham after anti-Muslim attacks. ‘A Muslim family say they have been forced to move from their home after offensive graffiti and a cross wrapped in ham were left outside their house. Murad Alam, 39, said his wife and two sons, aged eight and 10, had moved out of their home in […]

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American militias and loyalist disturbance: similar root causes?

In Northern Ireland it’s not just the police who fatigue after consecutive nights of disorder. Such prolonged violence usually also outlasts the initial volleys of angry hot air, finger pointing and condemnation that eventually whimper into a sort of depressed acceptance. Such is our thirst for drama, for fury and a world of blacks and […]

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United Kingdom Tracker 10.12.12

The Guardian: Ulster loyalist leader warns flag protests are close to spiralling out of control. ‘The leader of the Ulster Defence Association has warned that the union flag controversy at Belfast city hall is in danger of spiralling out of control and threatening peace across Northern Ireland. Jackie McDonald claimed that Protestant anger over the decision to stop flying […]

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What we can learn from Belfast: former combatants and shades of grey

At the beginning of September I wrote about the violence following a parading dispute in North Belfast, in the aftermath of which police and community leaders raised fears of a repeat during the centennial commemorations of the signing of the Ulster Covenant at the end of September. In the event, however, these fears were not […]

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United Kingdom Tracker 17.10.12

The Guardian: BNP divisions exposed as Andrew Brons resigns: Divisions that may spell the end of the far right British National Party exploded into the open with the departure from the party of one of its two MEPs. Andrew Brons announced his departure with an angry statement claiming that up to 90% of the party’s membership, activists and former officials have already […]

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