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News from Western Europe, Monday 3rd June 2013

AUSTRIA Translated from German – Die Presse: Skinhead Report: Freedom Party announces parliamentary inquiry. ‘With incomprehension FPÖ General Secretary Harald Vilimsky on Friday responded that the prosecution Wiener Neustadt won the case against Ed Moschitz inciting reactivation and falsification of evidence related to the set “On the Scene” skinhead reportage.“ After this method can be set […]

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News from the United Kingdom, Wednesday 27th March 2013

Report: Home Office: Protecting the public from terrorism. ‘Responding to the threat from terrorism remains a top priority, the Home Secretary said today. Publishing the annual report for CONTEST, the government’s strategy for countering terrorism, the Home Secretary set out what has been done to keep the country safe and prevent terror attacks, including during the Olympics.’ The […]

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The Symbiotic Relationship between Islamophobia and Radicalisation

This situation of radical Islam among young people in the British context has become of special interest in the last two decades or so, especially since the Rushdie Affair, and particularly since the events of 7/7 in London in 2005. There are a whole host of interesting dynamics as part of this analysis, and my […]

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United Kingdom Tracker 19.10.12

The Guardian: Nick Griffin investigated by Police: Police in Cambridgeshire have said they are investigating complaints made after the leader of the far-right British National Party, Nick Griffin, posted the address of a gay couple on the internet and appeared to urge his supporters to demonstrate outside their home. “Griffin uses Twitter to say ‘A British Justice team will […]

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Conservatives and Labour and the identity dilemma

Extremis Project co-Director, Matthew Goodwin, writes on ConservativeHome today: Conservative support on the identity axis exhibits more of a ‘block’ character than the other parties, it ultimately remains a block that has not delivered a decent majority for a generation. If economic stagnation continues, which is likely, then any notion that cultural issues might provide […]

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United Kingdom Tracker 17.09.12

Extremis Project survey featured in the Observer: Voters more likely to back an anti-Muslim party than reject it: Research commissioned by the Extremis Project found that more people would support a political party that promised to halt all immigration or bring down the number of Muslims than one that emphasised multiculturalism. The YouGov survey of 1,750 people […]

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United Kingdom Tracker 04.09.12

STV: Police praised after Scottish Defence League’s rally passes off peacefully: “Officers from across Scotland were drafted in to help Tayside Police keep around 70 to 80 Scottish Defence League supporters apart from a counter-demonstration by anti-racism and anti-facism campaigners, operating under the Dundee Together banner.” The Irish Times: ‘Pirates in pinstripes’ are no patriots, […]

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