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Europe at the extremes? Public concerns and the generational divide

Across Europe, the financial crisis has revived fears over the lingering appeal of extremists, with many tracing the rise of radical right and also radical left parties to economic turmoil. The argument has long roots, with numerous studies associating prejudice, and by extension support for extremists, with financial crises, or tensions over scarce resources such […]

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Far right ideas: Britain’s generational divide

Writing for the Guardian Comment is Free, Matthew Goodwin summarises the key findings from our new survey that explores public attitudes toward core far right policies, and identifies an important generational divide. Read the full post here.

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Extremis Project/YouGov Data and Results

A new poll on public attitudes by the Extremis Project and YouGov suggests that significant numbers of voters remain receptive to a political party that promised to stand up to business and political elites, halt immigration, curb the presence of Islam and prioritise British values over other cultures. The key findings were reported yesterday, in […]

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